Invest in Rent-To-Own Properties with a licensed Realtor at your side!

Adrian Gennuso is an exclusive Realtor for RTO Investors Group Inc. This company partners with Rent-To-Own investors that are comfortable and experienced in a low risk, safe, predictable investment. There are many opportunities for investors to earn great returns in real property and lease option them back to Tenant / Buyers. Their investors experience great returns that are secured by the income property by title. Investing in real estate is one of the most powerful ways to enjoy the benefits of passive residual income and long-term appreciation. It is secure and outperforms any traditional investment vehicle.

Why invest in Rent-To-Own?

* Hands-off investing: They can manage the property and Tenant-Buyer until term completion. You don't have to    be a landlord if you choose not to.

* You will receive substantial up-front deposit plus first month’s rent along with an iron-clad lease that provides        peace of mind.

* Tenant Buyer is a "homeowner in training". They take care of the property as if it was their own during the    term, expecting to complete the purchase upon completion.

*Excellent ROI - Great Returns! 2-4 year terms with exit stragedy

*Rent-To-Own Investors have fewer headaches, better tenants, less up-keep, and higher cash flow!

*Quarterly reporting and tax preparation. (Optional)

Our formula for Rent-To-Own investing is designed to provide you with above-average returns on your investment with minimal effort on your end! You can enjoy the power of real estate investing without having to deal with traditional landlord headaches. It's hassle free!


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